Smiles all round

We're here to provide a better, more profitable way of working with an online takeaway partner. Oh, and if in doing so we make you smile and we make your customers smile too - well, that's just perfect.

Why HeyMenu?

Unlike Just Eat and hungryhouse, we offer a simple, very low, fixed monthly amount of just £45 for the first 3 months (whilst you are getting started) and then it's just £65 per month, so regardless of whether we give you £1,000 or £10,000 worth of orders each month, you just pay a small amount per month.
We know. Amazing right!

A small one-off sign-up fee of £249 (only £99 when you sign up and the rest just before you go live) - the cheapest of any comparison service, which also includes an ordering EPOS, (our MenuPad) a printer and stand and our menu building service so all orders will come straight to you.

Multi-million pound marketing budget to get people flocking to our site and your restaurant.

A Money Back Guarantee which means we'll refund you all your investment if you haven't saved money over the first 180 days of being a HeyMenu partner, and you still keep the cool kit!

So when you ask yourself why HeyMenu? The answer has to be why not?

Oodles of Benefits

Here at HeyMenu, we're all about bringing you lots of new customers and, more importantly, saving you money.
Not only do we not charge you commission, but we also have the latest technology to help your takeaway restaurant
run smoothly and keep your customers happy. After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Here's what we bring to the table (excuse the pun):

Serious savings..

Our costs are up to 90 percent lower than our competitors.

That's right, you didn't misread that. So with a tonne of extra cash, and our commitment
to bringing in more takeaway orders, choosing HeyMenu really is a no-brainer.

We've got your back..

We know that running a restaurant is hard work, but don't worry, we're here to help.

At the end of each day, week and month we provide detailed reports of all your orders. Pretty handy right?

We don't want to take all the glory, so we help you build a loyal following of customers. We'll help reward your loyal customers with no loss of profits for you. #winning

With our 'book a table' feature, your customers can eat-in and order their food in a few clicks. Less calls and less hassle.

The techy stuff..

We won't let the robots take over, but will make sure we give you the best equipment so you can continue to deliver great food.

From the EPOS system & printer, to HeyMenu branded packaging, we provide everything you'll need to keep your takeaway restaurant running smoothly.

Our HeyMenu driver app means customers can track their orders and pin-point where their food is. So no more worry, and less customer calls. Simple.

You're always a winner with us..

We're always offering deals and discounts for you and your customers. Who ever said money doesn't grow on trees?

When you successfully refer another restaurant to join HeyMenu, we'll give you and them £60!

We want to help keep your customers happy so we offer discounts on large group orders at no extra expense to you. It's a win-win!
Look too good to be true? Well that's just how we operate. We're working to revolutionise how the takeaway industry works and already have big plans for the future. So join us today.

At HeyMenu we promise our partners...

We’re always open and honest. We’re nice like that, and it’s the only way to make our restaurant partnerships blossom

We’ve got the same goals as you. We want to make you lots of money, so you’re so happy you tell all your friends

We want our takeaway loving customers to come back again and again because they love our service as much as they love your yummy food

We love to make stuff simple for you and for our customers, which is why we adore clever innovation and technology

How much commission do you pay per month for your online orders?

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